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Shark Attacks In Downtown Buffalo In Sharknado 2 Premiere

SyFy Channel Campy Sequel Shot Here

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Tim Clark, Buffalo Niagara Film Commission
When Sharknado 2 debuts on The SyFy Channel tonight you might see Lafayette Square, The Liberty Building  and the Rand Building standing in for NYC's Empire State Building. Some scenes for the program were shot, anonymously and with local extras, in downtown Buffalo and in The Lockport Caves in late April.

At the time, the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission was sworn to secrecy, but they have since posted several photos of the filming on their website. (below)   SOME SHOTS OF BUFFALO CAN ALSO BE SEEN ON THE MOVIE TRAILERS AND COMMERCIALS | See VIdeo BELOW

(Photos: Buffalo Niagara Film Commission)

Second Unit filming which took this past spring in Downtown Buffalo has made an appearance in the trailers and behind the scenes video for the latest SyFy feature confirming rumors surfacing at the time of shooting. (Buffalo Niagara Film Commission photo)

From The SyFy Channel, Here's some clips and trailers of tonights show.
  A collection of the Top Star cameos in the movie-- although it doesn't look like any were here.
  Another version of the official trailer

  Bigger Bolder, and Even More Ridiculous

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