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July Ends with Cool Temps & Heavy Rains

July has been a stormy month and it's going out with a bang.

An early morning band of thunderstorms hit Western new York near 4 am, after an afternoon of drenching Wednesday in  Niagara County.

"Heavy thunderstorms that did focus across Southern Niagara County yesterday afternoon, and across the areas from Niagara Falls to Lockport and Sanborn, it looks like up to three inches of rain fell," Ansuini says.


The July rainfall total of three inches at the airport weather station is not a record, but it has been abnormally cold this month.

"We have been in this really persistent cool weather pattern and right now we are a solid five degrees below normal for the month of July. If we stay in this pattern ... we could be in the top five for the coolest July on record."

- Meterologist Tony Ansuini, National Weather Service
In the town of Brant, Supervisor Leonard Pero tells WBEN that the Town Hall is without power, several roads are flooded out and the town's recreation program is cancelled Thursday.     HEAR MORE with PERO on The WBEN Liveline

AccuWeather says another shower or thunderstorm can occur any time Thursday, with a shower or thunderstorm in spots during the evening; otherwise, patchy clouds and fog and a high of 73 degrees tonight.

"Some of these thunderstorms could produce very heavy rainfall, some localized flooding and maybe even hail," Ansuini says.

Friday's  forecast features clouds and sunshine with a shower or thunderstorm lingering in spots through Saturday afternoon.   Exclusive WBEN Audio
On The WBEN Liveline

Hear more with National Weather Service Meteorologist Tony Ansuini
  CHECK POWER OUTAGES National Grid Outage Center 

NYSEG Outage Center 
National Grid reported about 1,500 customers without power in Erie County; mainly in Angola, Brant and Evans early Thursday morning near 6 am. 

NYSEG had 1,600 customers without power in Erie County  (Clarence, Colden and Aurora) and another 200 without power in Wyoming County ( Bennington and Sheldon.)  Estimated restoration time is 8 am.
Niagara County Sheriff's Deputies say a Wheatfield woman is lucky after lightning struck her home Wednesday but missed her.

Deputies responded to 7066 Brian Lane around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon and found the homeowner visibly shaken.

Deputies say the lightning bolt entered the home through the living room ceiling causing a hole and scattering plaster around the living room. They say the woman was sitting on the living room couch at the time and believed she may have been struck.

After being evaluated by Tri-Community Paramedics, deputies say it appears that she was not struck and did not need further treatment. St. Johnsburg Fire responded and determined that a fire was not ignited by the strike.


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