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Ceretto Backs Pegula Over Bon Jovi

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) The first legislative opinion on the Bills bidding has come out, and it comes from a backer of Terry Pegula's bid.

Assemblyman John Ceretto says he prefers Pegula's bid over Jon Bon Jovi for one reason: keeping the team here. In a statement, Ceretto calls on those responsible for the sale to ensure the team is sold to an owner committed to keeping the Bills in Western New York.

He also sent a note to the trust:

“The Bills are a major part of Western New York’s cultural identity and the top priority in finding new ownership must be keeping them here. Terry Pegula is heavily invested in Western New York, as he already owns the Buffalo Sabres. We know he is an excellent owner and would keep the team here. The group led by Bon Jovi, well-known for its Toronto connections, doesn’t offer the same security. Bills fans are living on a prayer that the Bon Jovi group does not succeed in their bid. Ralph would have wanted the Bills to stay in Western New York, and I hope that those in charge of the sale consider this in their decision.”

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