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Road Crews Remain Hard at Work

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As the House and Senate try to pass a bill to extend federal funding of highway projects before recess, we're looking into how much this may affect the state's projects.

The state DOT has several big projects in the region, including replacing the bridge at Routes 5 & 20, repairs on I-86 and work on the 190 over the Niagara Power Authority.

Spokesperson Susan Surdej says $160 million have been slated for those projects plus municipality projects that add up to another $100. She adds there's no formula to creating a timeline. "We basically look at a season, when construction will start and stop. If a project is expected to be completed by August, we consider that the summer season, and that can go into September," she explains.

She says there are contingencies built into these projects, but Surdej says there have been no weather-related impacts on this construction season.

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