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Nik Wallenda's Talks Of Erie County Fair Skywalk

As he prepares for a wire walk that is longer than the one he famously did over Niagara Falls in 2012, daredevil and high wire artist Nik Wallenda  admits that sometimes he gets scared.

"(I have ) a fear of God and a fear of my wife, but that's about it" he joked  during an in studio appearance with John Zach and Susan Rose Monday on Buffalo's Early News Monday morning. 

" I have a deep respect for what I do. there is a lot of danger  of course in what I do, but it all comes down to training and preparation." he said.

Buffalo's Early News:
In Studio In- Depth

HEAR Nik Wallenda with John & Susan
On His Fair Walk
On Wirewalking, Fear & Family 
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 In 2012, Wallenda, a member of the famed "Flying Wallendas" family of aerialists, gained national attention and fame when he took a 1,800 feet walk from the U.S. side  of Niagara Falls to the Canadian side, live on national TV.  He followed the event up last year with a similar high wire walk over a gorge near the Grand Canyon.

On Sunday, Wallenda will perform a solo skywalk 1,350 feet across The Fairgrounds on a wire that is 5/8" thick and 125 feet above the ground. 

"This is a long walk. this is almost double my normal walk, " he said, adding that the wire is far more narrow than the one he used for the high profile Falls and Grand Canyon events.

"The unique part of those walks, was unable to stabilize those walks with cables coming down to the ground. So I had to use a bigger cable. The wire I will be walking on over the fair is actually the size of a nickle, it is much smaller.  Two inches diameter over the Falls and the Grand Canyon, (compared to ) a nickel.  Which is actually what I was raised walking on." he said.


Walk Facts:

This will be the longest walk of 2014

The walk will be longer than the walk over Niagara Falls nearly double the length of Nik's typical walk

This will be Nik's first outdoor Skywalk of 201
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Beyond the Wallenda walk, there are other new attactions at the Fair to celebrate their 175th anniversary year, including the Agricultural Discovery Center.

"It's about animal and exhibitor comfort as well as agricultural education," says Assistant Fair Manager Jessica Underberg.

"Some of the things you'll see there is a combine simulator. You'll actually be able to sit in the seat of a full size combine and you can feel like you're the one harvesting corn. There's a robot that milks cow, there a cow where you can put the milk machine on yourself too."

Underberg says Heritage Day will be a great day for your wallet. "Strates Family Shows have been with us for 90 years, and they will offer free rides from noon to 1:30pm (90 minutes) and each food vendor will offer an item for $1.75," says Underberg.

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