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New York State Funds Bulletproof Vests for Police

ALBANY, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) - New York's attorney general is giving police agencies in 23 counties across the state nearly $580,000 to help buy new or replacement bulletproof vests.
The first awards in the program, using funds from criminal and civil forfeitures, include $157,000 for 375 vests in Erie County, more than $90,000 for 234 in Monroe County and $160,000 for 272 vests in Albany County.
"I am proud to announce that law enforcement agencies in Erie, Niagara, and Orleans Counties will be recieving about $180,000 to purchase 438 life-saving bulletproof vests," Schneiderman said in Buffalo on Monday.

Statewide, Schneiderman says the funds will be enough to purchase of about 1,300 vests. In the future, the Attorney General expects to recieve enough funds to purchase up to 10,000.

In June, Schneiderman pledged $3.5 million from forfeitures to help outfit police statewide to fill the funding gap in a federal grant program.
A spokesman for the attorney general says the office is set to approve about $2.8 million in matching funding to 147 agencies statewide to buy more than 7,800 vests.

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