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Schneiderman Remains Quiet on Moreland Scandal

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Governor Andrew Cuomo has not been the only public official criticized in the scandal surrounding his Moreland Commission.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been called out by political opponents who are wondering if he knew of any interference from the Governor.

"We are providing whatever assistance we can to our colleagues in government," Schneiderman said while in Buffalo on Monday. "Federal Prosecutors are following up on matters that are both referrals from the Moreland Commission and investigations related to the conduct of the Moreland Commission."

Aside from saying he remains committed to Public Integrity, Schneiderman remained fairly quiet on the matter. "When there are ongoing investigations, it is inappropriate for a law enforcement officer to comment on them. It can interfere with them and prejudice them, whether these are investigations coming out of referrals from the Moreland Commission or investigations about the Moreland Commission."

"You read the articles, you read the evidence that (the New York Times) presented. That's all I have to say."

Schneiderman deputized 23 of the 25 Moreland Commission members, giving subpoena power.

The Attorney General did receive weekly reports on the commission, but it's unclear what exactly those reports said.

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