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Ohio Street Renovations Moving Along

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The waterfront has become ground zero for the redevelopment of Buffalo.

"We want to create opportunities at the inner harbor and Canalside, but we're also working very aggressively to create opportunities at the Outer Harbor for mixed-use development," said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown on Tuesday.

Brown spoke at Ohio Street, which is currently undergoing an 11 million dollar transformation in to a pedestrian-friendly parkway.

Today, Congressman Brian Higgins said that project is moving along smoothly. "The progress continues," Higgins said. "This project is ahead of schedule and under budget, and we anticipate a completion by next spring."

While the finished project will be done next spring, Ohio Street is slated to reopen at the end of this year. Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak says the work to be completed after this year will be smaller items, while most of the construction will be done in 2014.

Higgins expects the 1.4 mile parkway to be appealing to pedestrians. "We wanted the Outer Harbor parkway to be the prototype to influence the design here." That means less of an emphasis on vehicular traffic... and more of an emphasis on pedestrian access so that runners, walkers, and bicyclists could utilize this."

The completed Ohio Street project will feature bicycle-only lanes, new lighting and landscaping, and a park that sits along the water.

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