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Buffalo Schools Appoint New Academic Head

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Linda Cimusz was appointed as the new Chief Academic Officer of Buffalo Schools on Wednesday.

Interim Superintendent Don Ogilvie recommended Cimusz in his first personnel request since his appointment. "I think one of the things that this district needs and certainly I was looking for was experience actually doing this work," Ogilvie said.

Cimusz formerly served in the Syracuse and Williamsville School Districts, and has been the Director of Academics at the Sacred Heart Academy for the past three years. Cimusz said it will take some time to assess what needs to be done to achieve academic improvement in the district.

"Until I get in here and really see and experience and talk to people, I'm really not a person who comes in and says 'this is the plan and this is what we need to do regardless of what might be working,'" Cimusz said. "I'm a person who likes to talk to people, work with people, and start to see what might be the best pathways."

Cimusz takes the job formerly occupied by Yamilette Williams, who was removed from her position because she didn't have proper certification.

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