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Forcucci Hearing Resumes Today

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) The misconduct hearing of Hamburg School Board member Catherine Forcucci resumes today, and the lawyer representing her says she's ready to present her side.

"We have an all day session Saturday and we're hoping to get through our witnesses Saturday, that's our hope," says Margaret Murphy. "There's still another side to this story, and everyone should reserve judgment until they hear that side of the story." Murphy anticipates Forcucci will testify in her own defense.

Murphy believes there are forces outside and within the district who have benefitted from the rift between the board, weakening it. She also believes residents come out to the meeting only to come out to call for the resignation of board members who ask questions and get stonewalled.

"I think she views herself as someone who will play a critical role in the future of Hamburg. Her intention if she thought she couldn't provide a service to the parents and children of Hamburg would be to step down," says Murphy.

Murphy says there is a healthy discussion over whether her client can even be removed based on the evidence, even if proven true. She has given advice to Forcucci: "For her to continue as a board member, she needs to leave her past baggage when she walks into the board room."

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