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Buffalo Summers Could Be Much Warmer In Future

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) -- Buffalo has been called "Miami of the North" -- ironically. But a new study suggests that, by the end of the century, Buffalo's summers will feel like they do now in southern Florida.

The group Climate Central is trying to illustrate that greenhouse gas emissions, if left unchecked, will raise the average summertime temperatures across America seven to twelve degrees by the year 2100. To drive that point home, it's bringing the issue closer to home, by charting how the average summer day's high temperature would jump for 1001 U.S. cities, including five in Western New York.

city current 2100 (projected) city where that is normal now
average summertime high temperatures
Buffalo 77.41º 88.77º Delray Beach, FL
Niagara Falls 79.14º 90.41º Sunrise, FL
Tonawanda CDP 78.91º 90.12º Davie, FL
Cheektowaga 78.15º 89.40º Deerfield Beach, FL
West Seneca 77.92º 89.13º Fort Lauderdale, FL

The group also produced another measure to make their point, suggesting that if greenhouse gas emissions go unchecked, the number of 90-degree days in Buffalo could grow from 3 days each summer now to roughly half of every summer day in the year 2100.


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