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Seventh City Gun BuyBack to be Held This Saturday

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - On Saturday, the city of Buffalo will hold it's seventh Gun BuyBack program, where anyone can turn in a gun in exchange for a pre-paid cash card no questions asked.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has used the BuyBacks as a way to get illegal guns off the street, but as gun violence continues, does he ever question the program's effectiveness?

"No, we don't question it at all," Brown said. "This is just one of dozens of strategies the Buffalo Police Department employs. If through this Gun BuyBack we can get one illegal gun off the street that would have been used to harm a member of our community, we feel it's very well worth it."

According to city officials, over the past six BuyBacks nearly 4500 guns have been turned in to police.

Those who turn in weapons will receive a pre-paid bank cash card that is worth anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on the type of gun that is turned in. The money comes from forfeiture funds that have been acquired by the city through the seizure of money from criminal activities. During the BuyBack period, people can turn in illegal weapons "no questions asked."

The buyback runs from 9AM to 5PM at the following locations:

East Side Location:                            South Buffalo Location:
True Bethel Baptist Church                St. Thomas Aquinas Church
907 East Ferry Street                        450 Abbott Road

Downtown Location:                         West Side Location
St. John Baptist Church                    Primera United Methodist Church  
184 Goodell Street                            62 Virginia Street  

North Buffalo Location:                     Riverside Location
Church of the Good Shepherd          St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
96 Jewett Parkway                           311 Ontario Streetctivities in Buffalo.

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