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"WBEN Extra: Police Mistrust Runs High"
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08/19/2014 4:09PM
WBEN Extra: Police Mistrust Runs High
Do you trust the police?
08/21/2014 8:02AM
Police brutality case in Buffalo
I didn't hear this infamous local case mentioned in Wednesday's WBEN discussion about police brutality in Buffalo: From Buffalo Spree archives of 2000: "Richard Long—A victim of police brutality At about the same time that Judge Curtin was deliberating about the segregation case and mothers in Love Canal were beginning to ask questions about the safety of their neighborhood, one of Buffalo’s most horrifying cases of police brutality took place. Richard Long, an 18 year old from North Buffalo planning his first semester at Buffalo State College, was dragged from his brother’s car at 2:30 a.m. on June 25, 1977, beaten and stomped to death by two police officers (Philip Gramaglia and Gary Atti) and a Buffalo businessman (Jack Giammaresi). The three were charged with first degree manslaughter. The beating was precipitated by a traffic incident, in which Long, driving home after a party, cut off Gramaglia and Atti (who had also been celebrating). The two policemen bragged to their friends about the beating afterwards, over drinks at Mulligans. They never attempted to deny their actions," (according to testimony from the trial transcript.)
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