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Before You See What's Inside, Know the Best Way to Get to the Ralph

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - With the year's first Bills home game a day away, before fans see what's new on the inside of the stadium, they'll have to navigate some new traffic patterns on the outside.

"As far as new patterns, we're going to implement the patterns that we ended with last year," said Chief Scott Joslyn of the Erie County Sheriff's Department. "Abbott Road in front of the stadium will be closed down for vehicular traffic, and will open for pedestrian traffic. Also, Route 20A from Abbott Road to the 219 will be one way. That's all to help fans make it out of the stadium a little quicker."

Joslyn says the patterns were developed after a study done by the Sheriff's Department, Buffalo Bills, and an outside firm looked at how to alleviate backups before and after games.

While traffic is typically much lighter for preseason games than it is in September, Joslyn still says it's smart to plan ahead when parking. If you live in the northtowns you'll be better off parking on the northeast side of the stadium, and if you're heading toward the southtowns, parking on the west side of Abbott Road across from the stadium will make for an easier exit.

Certain parking rules from the past remain for stadium lots, including the "one car, one spot" rule.

"We urge everyone to pre-plan. If you're looking to have lunch or tailgate with a friend, you should follow each other in to the lot, and the lots open five hours before the game. Follow them in because it will be one car, one spot, and if you're looking to be near somebody you need to enter the lot with them."

The Bills open their home preseason schedule Saturday at 4:30PM.

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