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Inmate Suicide At The Erie County Holding Center

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Investigations are underway following the apparent suicide of an inmate at the Erie  County Holding Center early Sunday morning. Superintendent, Thomas Diina, of the Jail Management Division says the female prisoner came into the center as a pre-arraigned suspect from the City of Buffalo and was later found dead. Diina says the investigation will be comprehensive, "We go through the incident from top to bottom, scrutinize every detail of the individual's incarceration and take the appropriate steps as the investigation progresses.
Diina would not say whether the inmate was under a suicide watch, " I can not comment on that at this time." Diina added that there would be counseling available to both employees and inmates at the center, "Obviously our entire staff is pretty shaken up by this. It has been more than two years since there was a successful suicide at either of our facilities."
The investigation will involve the committees on professional standards, investigative services as well as leadership members from the County Health Department and the County Office of Mental Health.

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