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"A One Dollar Home?"
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08/24/2014 10:57PM
One Dollar Homes
Would you buy a $1 home?
08/25/2014 8:20AM
Wanna buy a bridge too?
Hmmmm let's see.... a house for $1..... An empty shell infested with crackheads & other vermin.... Makes sense to me. We have a house in Cheektowaga we want to unload before it turns into the extended East side. We have 2 houses & are keeping the one in the rural area over the suburban one. It's not rocket science to know when you hear gunshots at night that it's time to move. In our rural home you hear shots but it's a coyote or fox or raccoon meeting it's demise. When you hear shots in our Cheektowaga home it's 2 legged vermin being fired upon.
08/25/2014 2:12PM
one dollar house
It would be nice if the residents who are already living in that area could some how help a neighbor in need . Thanks John from Ontario, and I wish I was in the position to afford a one dollar house. Good luck people.
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