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Gun Shop Owner Claims NYSP Demanded Customer List

Albion, NY (WBEN) - The co-owner of the Albion Gun Shop claims state police have demanded his shop’s release of all customers who purchased New York SAFE Act compliant rifles. He says that was under threat of a warrantless SWAT Team Raid.

Joe Palumbo says the Narcotics Enforcement Unit has visited his shop on several occasions.

“The New York State Police told me that my guns were NY S.A.F.E. compliant. The chief of the Medina police told me my rifles were NY S.A.F.E. compliant and in fact purchased one of the guns from my shop,” Palumbo said. James D. Tresmond, attorney for the Albion Gun Shop, raised the possibility of entrapment. “My client disclosed to me that he would not have sold these rifles to the general public had they not been approved by the New York Division of State Police”

“The New York S.A.F.E. Act is being enforced arbitrarily on a case by case basis,” Tresmond said. “That amounts to unconstitutional vagueness under the Supreme Court’s Morales standard, and the law should be enjoined for that reason alone.”

Tresmond says The Albion Gun Shop intends to take legal action tomorrow morning.

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