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Hamburg School Boards Ousts Forcucci

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) -- The Hamburg School Board concluded months of hearings by voting 5-1 to remove board member Catherine Schrauth Forcucci for official misconduct.

At Tuesday's meeting, the board heard the findings of hearing officer David Hoover, who determined that 10 of the accusations against Forcucci rose to the level of official misconduct. The board -- minus Forcucci -- went into executive session to debate the charges, and voted after more than four hours behind closed doors.

"It's a sad day," board president David Yoviene told WBEN News. "I hated to see it happen, but I'm glad it's behind us and now we can dedicate ourselves to student achievement and move forward."

The process to remove Forcucci dragged on for the entire summer. "We never thought it would last this long, so it was kind of a shock to us, but it's something that, in order for us to concentrate on student achievement, we felt that this just had to be done."

Yoviene termed the battle with Forcucci "just petty nonsense," and said important work had to be pushed aside to deal with this. "I think the stuff that got put on the back burner, especially stuff like Common Core and student achievement, was because of her constant pattern of misconduct."

"Personally, I'm glad to get it behind us," he said, "I think the board can now function properly and begin the process of healing this district."


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