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Soldiers Found

Three Missing Afghan Soldiers Stopped at Rainbow Bridge

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN/AP) Three missing Afghan soldiers have been stopped at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dolls, Games, Pots, Pans Up for Toy Hall of Fame

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Pots and pans and paper airplanes are among the 12 finalists for induction this year into the National Toy Hall of Fame.
Heavily Armed

Accused White House Intruder Armed in July Arrest

WASHINGTON (AP) - A former Army soldier accused of sprinting across the White House lawn and into the executive mansion was heavily armed when he was arrested by Virginia state troopers after a traffic stop in July.
Guilty Plea

Teen Admits to Rapes in Allentown

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A 16 year old who terrorized the Elmwood Allentown neighborhood for a week could spend 75 years behind bars.

Enterovirus D68 Case in WNY; Test Confirms WNY Case

Test results made public Monday confirm what had been previously thought: that Buffalo's Women and Childrens' Hospital has at least one  case of respiratory illnesses caused by an uncommon virus - Enterovirus D68.
Missing Soldiers

Missing Afghan Soldiers in Cape Cod And WNY

For the second weekend in a row,  Afghanistan soldiers in the United State for training
have gone missing.  A search is underway for two who have been lost from a base in Massachusetts, one week after two others left Virginia for the Buffalo area.
Eddie Royal
Home Loss

Bills Fall To Chargers

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) Philip Rivers threw two touchdown passes to Eddie Royal in leading the San Diego Chargers to a 22-10 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.
Fan Security

Keeping "The Ralph" Safe

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN) - When tens of thousands of Buffalo Bills fans converge on Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park for a home game, it's the job of the Erie County Sheriff's Department to "keep the peace".   And judging by things around the stadium Sunday for the Bills-Chargers game, it's working.

Credit Cards

WBEN Extra: How to Protect Against Credit Breaches

NEW YORK (WBEN/AP) -- Data breaches at retailers aren't going away but there are ways consumers can protect themselves from future heists of their payment card information.
Report Card

What Do Domestic Violence Advocates Think of NFL Efforts?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) On Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced he wanted to implement new policies to combat domestic violence. We got reactions from two people who deal with domestic violence.
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