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Sheldon Silver
Steps Aside

Report: Sheldon Silver To Hand Over Power, For Now

Albany, NY (AP / WBEN) -- Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver plans to temporarily cede power to a small group of top lawmakers as he fights federal corruption charges.
Ethics Changes

Silver Legacy: Should Legislators Hold Outside Jobs?

Should those holding public office be allowed to have another job? It's a question that may receive some further examination after Sheldon Silver allegedly used his work as an attorney outside the State Assembly to mask corrupt dealings.
Flight Delays

Flight Information

With a major storm poised to dump several feet of snow on New York City, Boston and Philadelphia-- flight delays and cancellations could ripple through the system.

INSIDE: Check delays in Buffalo and Beyond

NYC Mayor: Storm Could be Worst City has Seen

NEW YORK (WBEN/AP) -- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the snowstorm bearing down on the Northeast could be among the worst the city has ever seen.

The National Weather Service has a blizzard warning in effect for the New York and Boston areas starting Monday night.
Under the Radar

Seahawks Not Worrying About 'DeflateGate'

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Seattle Seahawks are getting ready for the Super Bowl, but are they under the radar or worrying about the controversy surrounding their opponents?
Greek Vote

Greece Electoral Results

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A radical left-wing party that is demanding an end to Greece's painful austerity measures won Sunday's parliamentary elections.

Mayor Shuts Down Another Nightclub

(WBEN)  Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is again shutting down an establishment in the proximity of a violent shooting. The mayor's office issued a cease and desist order for Impulse nightclub on Washington. A man was shot near the club Saturday morning, and police think it was linked to a fight in the nightclub.

Icy Weather

(WBEN)  Roads iced up Saturday afternoon, causing hundreds of crashes around Western New York. There was one fatality reported in Royalton. A vehicle slid across the center line of Akron Road and rammed into oncoming traffic. The driver who went over the line was injured, the other driver was dead at the scene

Former Buffalo Man shot his family, killing 3, then killed himself

NEW YORK (AP/WBEN) -- In the quiet of a pre-dawn Saturday on a dead-end street in Queens, a father came home and shot his family in their heads, leaving women in three generations dead and a wounded 12-year-old girl calling 911, police said. Reports say the man once lived in Buffalo and had gone to Daemen College..
Moving On

Belichick: "Followed Rules to the Letter"

Foxborough, Mass (WBEN/AP) New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said Saturday that his team "followed every rule to the letter" in regards to a scandal that developed shortly after their blowout win in last week's AFC Championship game.

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