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Spots Stopped

ESPN Cuts Sponsored Daily Fantasy Sports Elements From Shows

LAS VEGAS (AP) - ESPN is cutting sponsored DraftKings content from within shows but continues broadcasting commercials from the daily fantasy sports site. That's according to ESPN Outside the Lines host Bob Ley, who revealed the shift during his show Tuesday.
Will He Play?

Will Jack Eichel Crack Sabres' Lineup?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) We'll find out tomorrow if Jack Eichel will indeed wear 15 on opening night for the Buffalo Sabres.
First Step

Feds OK First Step to Modernizing Lewiston-Queenston Bridge

Lewiston, NY (WBEN) New York's senior US Senator says the General Services Administration has approved a first step toward expanding the US plaza at the Lewiston Queenston Bridge.

Carousel Could be Canalside's Newest Attraction

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - A carousel at Canalside? the idea took another step closer to reality on Tuesday.

GM Whaley: Karlos Williams Has Concussion

Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley announced Tuesday morning on WGR that running back Karlos Williams suffered a concussion in the Bills' 24-10 loss to the New York Giants.
She's Baaack!

"Scary Lucy" Sculpture Rises Again... For Halloween

 A bronze statue of Lucille Ball that drew worldwide scorn for its unflattering depiction of the "I Love Lucy" star is ready to be part of a Chautauqua County's shopping center's annual haunted house event.
Gun Control

Cuomo On Gun Control: Make it A Campaign Issue

"In the midst of this presidential (race), I am urging every voter to make this one of, if not the top, issue that they vote on," Cuomo said. "I would not vote for a congress person, I would not vote for a president, unless I knew what they were going to do about this issue."
2nd Chance

LEVINTHAL: What?s better than once in a lifetime? Twice!

Tuesday morning political contributor Dave Levinthal, the senior political reporter at The Center for Public Integrity, may be better known around these parts as a Kenmore West footballer, circa 1996
Rigged Bets?

Lineup Release Raises Questions about Daily Fantasy Contests

Users in online forums are asking whether a DraftKings employee might have used information about lineups to win $350,000 in a competing contest on the FanDuel site.
Biden Time?

CBS: Biden Leaning Toward A Presidential Run, To Decide Soon

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce soon whether or not he will enter the 2016 presidential race, and may even do so soon enough to be in the CNN Democratic Debate next Tuesday.
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