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4 Relatives of Ebola Patient Ordered to Stay Home

WASHINGTON (AP) - Texas health officials have ordered four close family members of the Ebola patient in Dallas to stay in their home, and they've posted law enforcement outside to be sure.
Man Charged

Liberia to Prosecute Man Who Brought Ebola to US

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) - Liberian authorities say they plan to prosecute the man infected with Ebola who brought the disease to the United States, saying he lied on his airport health questionnaire.
Teen Sex

Buffalo Schools Take Steps Toward Condom Distribution

(WBEN) Buffalo Public Schools  are taking their first baby steps toward offering a free condom program for high school students who want or need them.
Campaign Trail

Governor's Race: Astorino's Tax Plan, Cuomo's Endorsements

(AP) Gov. Andrew Cuomo bagged an endorsement from a Rockefeller Republican as challenger Rob Astorino unveiled a tax cut plan that sreamlines New York's eight tax brackets to four.
Engine Plant

GM Tonawanda's Corvette Engine on National TV Tonight

The next generation Corvette engine, being built at the Tonawanda Engine plant, gets national attention  when The Science Channel's "How To  to Make It – A Dream Car.," airs at 10 pm tonight .
Ebola 101

WBEN Extra: Ebola Basics

With the diagnosis of the first U.S. case of Ebola, health officials say the possibility of a widespread outbreak is remote.

"It's contracted from close contact with body fluids of someone who has symptoms," explains Dr. Gale Burstein MD, the Erie County Health Commissioner
Ebola Concern

U.S. Ebola Patient Flew Roundabout Flight

The first reported case of Ebola in the United States is spooking airline investors and raising the prospect that some frightened travelers might stay home despite repeated reassurances from public-health experts. 

INSIDE: Flight Timeline & Key Dates | Sen. Schumer in Buffalo on Travel Wories
Secret Service

Collins Reacts to Pierson Resignation

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Reaction came quickly to the resignation of Julia Pierson as director of the Secret Service.

Afghan Soldiers Who Fled Say They Can't Go Home

BATAVIA, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) -- Three Afghan military officers who sought refuge in Canada after taking off from a military training exercise in Massachusetts said Wednesday they were trying to escape Taliban violence at home but now face the wrath of their own government as well.

Julia Pierson Resigns as Secret Service Director

Washington, DC (AP) Julia Pierson has resigned as director of the Secret Service.

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