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Higher Premiums

What Does ACA Premium Hike Mean?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Premiums for those using health care programs in the federal healthcare.gov exchange are going up as much as 25 percent. But one local provider says it won't be as bad here.
Donald Trump

Trump and Clinton Top Halloween Costumes for 2016

NEW YORK (AP/WBEN) -- Last Halloween, Erin Holin and her husband coiffed their 2-year-old's blond hair, Donald Trump style, and bought him a little suit with a red tie as his costume.
Election Ruling

Seneca Court Rules Straight Ticket for One Nation Party

Irving, NY (WBEN) The Seneca Nation Peacemakers Court has ruled the clerk must provide a straight ticket option for the One Nation Party in next Tuesday's election.
Lead in Water

Lead Testing Results Coming in to Buffalo Schools

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash says newly required lead testing is nearly complete in city schools.
AG Settlement

Schneiderman Reaches Settlement with FanDuel, DraftKings

New York, NY (WBEN) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has reached a settlement with two daily fantasy sports sites resolving lawsuits alleging false and deceptive advertising practices by the companies.
Donald Trump
On with Rush

Trump Tells Rush Affordable Care Act a Failure

New York, NY (WBEN) GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump phoned into Rush Limbaugh's program Tuesday afternoon, decrying the Affordable Care Act, and the 26 percent hike in premiums.

Driver Arrested in Fatal July Accident

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A Delevan man has been charged with second degree manslaughter in connection with a crash that killed a surveyor working on Route 39.
New Poll

Poll: Most see a Hillary Clinton victory and a fair count ahead

(CNN)Almost 7 in 10 voters nationwide say they think Hillary Clinton will win the presidency next month, but most say that if that happens, Donald Trump will not accept the results and concede, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.
More Emails

WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Considered 'Swift Boat'-Style Attack on Trump

 WikiLeaks posted Monday an email exchange that it claims shows top Hillary Clinton campaign staff discussing a "swift boat project" aimed at Donald Trump.
ICE Raids

March of Support as Workers Face ICE Hearings

Several clergy members and others vocal in their support of the immigrant community marched near the US Attorney's office and federal court building in support of the workers detained during last week's raids on four Mexican restaurants.
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