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Afghan Soldier Who Fled US Training Site Granted Asylum

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- Federal officials have granted asylum to an Afghan military officer who along with two comrades slipped away from a U.S. training exercise in Massachusetts to avoid being sent back home.
Dry Run

2 Convicted Murderers Practiced Night Before Prison Breakout

DANNEMORA, N.Y. (AP) -- One of two convicted murderers who broke out of a maximum-security prison in June told police that they conducted a practice run the night before their daring escape, a district attorney said.
Double Stabbing

Wife Killed, Husband Hospitalized After Double Stabbing

Lackawanna, NY (WBEN) Lackawanna Police are investigating a stabbing that claimed the life of a woman and left her husband in the hospital.
Man Killed

Fatal Crash in Lancaster

There's been a deadly fiery rollover crash this morning in Lancaster.Police say a vehicle hit a Thruway bridge abutment on Harris Hill Rd, then rolled over and caught fire near midnight.

Buffalo Lawsuit, Others, Prompts Calif. Cheerleader Bill

Ssome sports cheerleaders say they are still not considered team employees. But  California is taking steps to change that.

Firework Sales a Big Hit in Niagara County

North Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) - For the first time, many residents of Niagara County are able to legally buy fireworks in their hometown.
Baggage Fees

After Resisting for Years, JetBlue Adds Checked Bag Fee

NEW YORK (AP/WBEN) -- The era of free checked suitcases on JetBlue has come to an end.

Body Unclaimed

Body of Escaped Convict Richard Matt Goes Unclaimed


NEW YORK -- No one has claimed the body of escaped convict Richard Matt, a source involved in the disposal of the body tells CBS News. Authorities have reached out to Matt's estranged son, Nick Harris, 23, but have not gotten a response.
Prison Brass

Top Officials at Clinton County Prison Placed on Leave

Superintendent Steven Racette and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown of the Clinton County Correctional  have been placed on administrative leave after the escape of prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat.     Read the announcement inside

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