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Study: More College Students Smoke Marijuana Than Tobacco

In light of a new study that says more college-aged kids are smoking marijuana than cigarettes, Roswell Park Cancer Institute's top anti-smoking expert is reminding people that neither practice is healthy.

Elevated Overlook Turning Heads on 190

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - You may have seen it under construction while driving on the 190 and wondered, just what are those arches under construction near the Peace Bridge?
Stock Market

LIVELINE: Where Will The Stock Market Go Today?

A day after the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 469 points, what can we expect?  Is there anything an investor should do?

CLICK THE HEADLINE TO HEAR MORE from Investment Advisor  Chuck McCollum
Gay Marriage

Kentucky Clerk Still Refusing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Under whose authority are you not issuing marriage licenses?"    "Under God's authority ," Clerk Kim Davis replies. "I'm asking you to leave."

".... I'm not leaving until I get a license."    "Then you're going to have a long day," said Davis.

Trade Talk?

Report: Teams Looked to Deal for Kane After Investigation Revealed

Chicago, IL (WBEN) Could Patrick Kane's days in Chicago be numbered?
Stocks Plunge

US Stocks Plunge After Bleak Chinese Manufacturing Report

NEW YORK (AP) -- Stocks plunged again Tuesday, continuing a rocky ride for Wall Street, after an economic report out of China rekindled fears that the world's second-largest economy is slowing more than previously anticipated.

Man Killed in Barber Shop Shooting

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) One man is dead after a shooting on Buffalo's West Side. It happened late Tuesday morning inside a barber shop on Niagara near Jersey.

Officer Shot

Officer Fatally Shot, Prompting Manhunt in Northern Illinois

FOX LAKE, Ill. (AP) -- Police in northern Illinois say a manhunt is underway after an officer was shot and killed.
Joe Biden
VP run?

WBEN Extra: Possible Biden bid for White House

Vice President Joe Biden's supporters see an opening, due in no small part to Hillary Clinton's inability to shake questions about her use of a personal email server while serving as secretary of state.
Pot @ College

Study: Pot more a habit for college students than cigarettes

 More U.S. college students are making a habit of using marijuana, which has supplanted cigarettes as the smoke-able substance of choice among undergraduates who light up regularly.
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