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Guilty Plea

Warsaw Man Pleads Guilty to Dragging Woman

WARSAW, N.Y. (AP) - A western New York man has pleaded guilty to severely injuring a woman who was dragged by his car last summer after she tried to retrieve her cellphone from the vehicle.
Heading Home

Jill Kelly's Latest On Jim

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly's wife is sending out new messages about how great it is to be in Western New York instead of a NYC hospital.
Student Rights

Grand Island Schools Lift Suspension After NRA T Shirt Controversy

(WBEN) In a move being praised by pro-gun activists The Grand Island School district has retracted the suspension it gave a student earlier this year after he wore a shirt with crossed rifles and the NRA logo.
Coach Marrone

Bills Talk of Coach Marrone's Skin Cancer

For a moment yesterday, the health crisis faced by Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was overshadowed by another far less severe cancer scare at One Bills Drive.
Board Elections

Two School Board Petitions Thrown Out

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Two Buffalo School Board candidates are off the ballot after their petitions did not have enough acceptable signatures. That leaves a crowd of 13 for the election in two weeks.

Supreme Court Case Could Shape TV's Future

WASHINGTON (AP/WBEN) - Supreme Court justices are weighing whether they can side with broadcasters in a copyright challenge to an Internet startup company without threatening the burgeoning world of cloud computing.
New Options

Ryan: DOT Will Look at New Options for Scajacquada Redesign

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Assemblyman Sean Ryan says the DOT will look at options to slow things down along the Scajaquada corridor in Buffalo, specifically by looking into a 30mph speed limit, and converting the expressway into a city street.
Hospital Ban

NY Hospital Bans E-Cigarettes After Fire, Injury

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - A New York hospital is banning electronic cigarettes after a patient on oxygen was burned by a fire that erupted while she was puffing on one of the devices.
Bills Texting

Buffalo Bills Settle Text Lawsuit

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Buffalo Bills have settled a lawsuit over their text-messaging service.
Suing Bills

Five Former Jills Sue Buffalo Bills, Manager

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Five former members of the Buffalo Jills Cheerleading Squad are suing the Bills and their current and former managers, claiming violations of the state's minimum wage laws.
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