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Better economy has smokers buying more Marlboros
NEW YORK (AP) -- A better economy is helping sell more Marlboros and Camels, even as prices climb. That brought higher profits for their makers in the second quarter....
US stocks move higher in midday trade; China shares rebound
NEW YORK (AP) -- Stocks posted solid gains in midday trading Wednesday as Chinese shares rebounded and traders wait to hear from the Federal Reserve. Strong results from companies like Gilead Sciences also helped push shares higher....
Lew gets more than 1 million comments on currency redesign
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Wednesday he's gotten more than a million responses to his request for comments on how U.S. currency should be redesigned and recommendations for what woman should become the first female on U.S. paper money in more than a century....
IMF's Lagarde: World economy fragile, faces downside risks
WASHINGTON (AP) -- International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde says the world economy is recovering but fragile and "faces some downside risks."...
Volkswagen Q2 earns slip on restructuring, troubled markets
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Automaker Volkswagen saw profits slip in the second quarter despite taking the global lead in sales over Toyota and GM....
After surviving the 'coldest month on record' in the 716, are these near 90 degree days any easier to take?
  Nope! I still hate the heat!
  Yes! I'll take 'this' over 'that' anyday!
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