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Kathy Weppner

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I have spent the last nineteen years taking care of my family. Straight out of college I got a job in the newsroom at Channel 7. I was a field producer for Charlotte Scott, worked on Sweeps series and then Assignment Editor. I am a current events junkie and worked for three years before I had my first son.

I have been sorting laundry, cooking meals, meeting with teachers, attending games and recitals, helping with homework, you can fill in the rest ever since. I have a great husband, and raising five children is a blessing. I am an avid listener of Tom Bauerle, Rush Limbaugh and Sandy Beach. I also watch C-SPAN and Fox News and usually am nodding off to some kind of board meeting.

We need to pay attention to our government locally and nationally, and world events abroad. I think American youth is off track and the adults need to start making adult choices; our kids are watching and taking notes. I hope I bring to the audience a different perspective. A family and faith oriented perspective and a depth of thought and learning to make our community a better place for our kids to grow up in.

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