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The Latest New Hampshire Results

Complete Coverage: Denver Wins Super Bowl 50

From The Ads, to the Halftime Show to the Game, here's a recap of Super Bowl 50

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Iowa Caucus Analysis & Results

Iowa Results

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New Yorkers for Trump

Eagles ( And Glenn Frey) 's WNY Shows/Set Lists

See a list of the Eagles concerts in greater Buffalo, starting with an appearance at the ECC Gym in 1974. Also Inside:  Pictures, Video, More

VIDEO: MLK's " I Have A Dream" Speech

Civic leaders, activists, artists and others are celebrating, marching and paying homage Monday to Martin Luther King Jr., marking the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader

Questions & Answers On Obama's gun plan

What are the changes?  If I sell a few guns, what does it mean for me? Will it have stopped mass shootings?

The WBEN Beer Podcast: Winter Brews

Check out the latest episode of the WBEN Beer Podcast with Brian Mazurowski, featuring Tim Herzog of Flying Bison Brewing, Chris Herr of Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, and CEO of North American Breweries Kris Sirchio.

SEE East Aurora in "A Prince for Christmas" Trailer

Remember last February when East Aurora left its Christmas decorations up for the sake of a movie being about Christmas being filmed there?  See the trailer here.

Donate a Turkey, Get FREE Sabres Tickets

The Buffalo Sabres, Tops Friendly Markets and WBEN are joining together once again this year for  a Thanksgiving turkey drive on Tuesday, Nov. 24, to benefit local food pantries.


French police raided more than 150 locations overnight as President Obama defended US Policy against "The Face of Evil", rebuffed critics, & said the US will not place troops on the ground to fight ISIS in Syria
ALSO INSIDE:  The Debate over bringing refugees here | Hear Medaille Homeland Security Expert Steve MacMartin, from Buffalo's Early News, Former Buffalo FBI Chief Peter Ahearn & WNY Muslim Public Affairs Council Pres. Khalid Qazi. Also: An Interactive Special | The latest from  Paris     READ MORE

VIDEO: Giant Sikorsky Helicopter In Action

Here's some pictures and video of the same type of copter that will be used in construction work at the Solar City plant Saturday, Nov. 7. . A Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane Helicopter will be used to hoist air handling units onto the roof of the SolarC

Buffalo Sitcom: More from writer Shawn Wines

The writer tapped to create a Fox sitcom based in and called "Buffalo" is most known for the funny yet explicit viral video "Upstairs"  Adult language warning.  WATCH IT HERE

Update: Arrogance Still Blurring The News

By Tim Wenger, Operations Manager/Director of Content & Digital Strategy
Entercom Radio, WBEN/WGR/ESPN 1520

Another day and another hissy fit by the tv blogger from The News who still contends WBEN was in error in reporting a story Saturday night, based on its own sources, that Patrick Kane was not likely to face any criminal charges. 
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