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BNBEA Nominations Sought

The Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award is the premier business ethics award in the Buffalo Niagara Region and is seeking nominations for their 2017 Award

DOCUMENTS: View BTF Contract and Salary Schedule

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - On the day after a long-awaited contract between the Buffalo Teachers Federation and city school district was ratified, the documents are now available for all.  Following is the complete collective bargaining agreement, salary schedule and also a question and answer document for teacher retirees.

VIDEO: See Clinton Leaving 9/11 Event

Video shows the Democratic nominee staggering and eventually slumping forward before being held up by three people as she was helped into a van.  Sunday evening her staff disclosed she has pneumonia.
INSIDE: Prof. Bruce Bryski, SUNY Buffalo StateEx Trump Staffer Michael Caputo  ALSO:  Hear ABC's Aaron Katersky on The WBEN Liveline
| ABC News Political Analyst Steve Roberts

Reddy Bike Share Location Map

See places where you can borrow a bike to get around greater Buffalo

Donations for Firefighter Ken Walker

The Gratwick Fire Department will be accepting donations for the Walker family from 10:00AM to 2:00PM this Sunday.  And there are two GoFundMe pages established.


Falls PD Seek Help On Shooting Info

 Niagara Falls police are hoping this picture of a victim's car can help the public come forward with information on a shooting Here's their announcement.: Yesterday at 11:30 a.m. NFPD received a call for a man shot in the 600 blk alley bet

Road Closures: Rt. 400 & Harlem Rd. Detour Maps Here

After 9am Thursday,  NY Route 400 northbound will detour onto Union Road, and Harlem Rd. is already shut down as part of a summer's worth of bridge work.   MAPS AND MORE INSIDE

AUDIO: Hear Comey on Clinton, Careless but Not Criminal

While he says some handling of several confidential emails was "extremely careless," FBI Director James Comey says that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges and the FBI is not recommending them .   


Read The House Select Committee On Benghazi's Report

- Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee harshly faulted the Obama administration Tuesday for lax security and a slow response to the deadly 2012 attacks at the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Libya. But they produced no new allegations about then-Secreta

HEAR An Orlando Survivor & Trauma Doctors' Dramatic Tales

A man who survived the nightclub shooting in Orlando says he thought "I'm next, I'm dead" as the gunman fired toward his head.  He spoke at a hospital news conference with the doctors and nurses who treated him nearby.

“I don’t know how, by the grace of God, I survived. He shot towards my head, and missed. He hit my hand and the side of my hip. I was prepared to just sit there, so he didn’t know I was alive,”      - Shooting Survivor Angel Colon    Hear his story HERE

WBEN Extra: Travel Time & Airport Lines

The TSA says significant progress has been made on shortening screening lines since earlier this spring, when airlines reported thousands of frustrated passengers nationwide.

ALSO INSIDE: VIDEO from the TSA | HEAR Security Line Tips

Primary Results: California, NJ, NM, and The Dakotas

Six states go to the polls Tuesday evening in the last major round of presidential primaries before the nominating conventions.  And while you probably won't have to stay up late tonight to know the ultimate outcome-- most tallies have Hillary Clinton already with enough delegates to clinch the nomination -- if you are watching to see whether she loses to Bernie Sanders in

Tom Connolly: Great Friend, Mentor, Broadcaster

For those who just knew Tom Connolly as the guy who said, "it's midnight," every night, seven nights a week for almost 25 years, its difficult to introduce you to the man. He was as unique as his voice-- unequivocally one of a kind. 

Photo by Steve Cichon:

We both knew it was part goof,

READ The State Department IG Report on Email Security

A State Department audit has faulted Hillary Clinton and previous secretaries of state for poorly managing email and other computer information and slowly responding to new cybersecurity risks.

It cites "longstanding, systemic weaknesses" related to communications. These started before Clinton's appointment as secretary of state, but her failures were singled out as more

VIDEO: Chewbacca Mom .. and reaction to it.

Candace Payne's wildly popular video of her hysterically laughing while wearing a toy Chewbacca mask has gained more than 140 million views on Facebook since she posted it last week.
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