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Buffalo Business Report - Friday, July 31st 2015

A merger agreement has been forged between Rural/Metro Corporation and Envision Healthcare subsidiary American Medical Response.  No financial terms of the deal were made public.  Pending approvals, the transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Buffalo Bills Training Camp is underway today.  The team has brought on Safelite AutoGlass will serve as its

Buffalo Business Report - Thursday, July 30th 2015

Analysis of U.S. home rental prices by shows a seasonally adjusted 4.3% jump between June of this year and June 2014.  The home rental price for Buffalo increased 8.1% in that period, to $1,241 per month.  For more, you can follow this link.

Maid of the Mist will extend its 2015 season through November 8th, adding one week to the season, which typically concludes at

Buffalo Business Report - Wednesday July 29, 2015

The Buffalo City Planning board has given the go ahead for  TM Montante grup to implode the old ten story hosptial building that was Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital.   It's expected to occur near the end of august to make way for

Buffalo Business Report - Tuesday July 27, 2015

Columbus McKinnon will purchase all the outsanding stock of Magnetek Inc at $50 per share  in a $188.9 million deal.  Columbus Mckinnon manufactures industrial chains and hoists for manufactrurers. Magnatek develops control systems for similar w

Buffalo Business Report - Monday July 26, 2015

Niagara Falls is apprently seeing a big boost in tourist traffic this year. . new numbers announced by the Tourism and Convention Corp says that people helped by their visotr center this June was twice what it was last year. Over 11 thousand visitors tota

Buffalo Business Report - Friday July 24, 2015

 US Airways is closing its VIP Club at the Buffalo Niagara international airport. as part of the merger with United Airlines it will shut down later this year Business firs t says theres a plan now to convert the massive former freezer queen plant

Buffalo Business Report - Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

Developer Rocco Termini has submitted a development proposal for  construction of an 80-unit “micro” apartment complex on North Oak Street.  The Buffalo Planning Board will probably not review the proposal until early September.  Pending approvals, work on the project could begin this fall, with the intention of opening it up by late next summer

Welded Tube USA Inc.

Buffalo Business Report - Tuesday, July 21st 2015

Next Tuesday, the Buffalo Planning Board is expected to consider a request from TM Montante Development to raze the 10-story building that housed much of the Millard Fillmore - Gates Circle Hospital.  Portions of the adjoining Building C that fronts on Lafayette Avenue would also be demolished.  Business First reports that if approved, the demolition could take place sometime in

Buffalo Business Report - Monday, July 20th 2015

The current average for a gallon of unleaded gas in the Buffalo metro area is $2.82, according to the AAA.

ECMC is planning an orthopedic clinic expansion that will more than quadruple its existing space.  Business First reports the $1.8 million orthopedic project calls for creating a Center for Orthopedic Care on the first floor in vacant space adjacent to the main elevators and

Buffalo Business Report - Friday, July 17th 2015

Current management at Willcare Inc. is expected to remain in place following its $51 million acquisition.  Business First reports the purchase by Almost Family Inc., a national home health firm based in Louisville, Ky., is making its way through the state Department of Health.  Pending that approval, the deal is expected to close in late August or early September.

Roswell Park

Buffalo Business Report - Thursday, July 16th 2015

There are still more home renters than home owners, but those renters are spending more of their paychecks to keep a roof over their heads.  A Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report indicates 20.7 million rental households - about half of all renters - spent more than 30 percent of their income on housing in 2013.  In the Buffalo region, 86.5% of households with incomes under

Buffalo Business Report - Wednesday, July 15th 2015

Mercy Hospital has petitioned the state Department of Health for a 23,634-square-foot addition to expand its cardiac surgery suite.  Business First reports the $12.5 million expansion plan would expand the existing operating room with a building addition to house a larger operating room, as well as added storage space on the second floor of the Abbott Road hospital.

There will be a

Buffalo Business Report - Tuesday, July 14th 2015

Kaleida Health has acquired Western New York Urology Associates, LLC and Cancer Care of WNY.  All 30 physicians and employees are expected to remain at their respective locations.

Evergreen Health Services has a morning ground breaking for its $11 million expansion project.  Evergreen’s expansion at 206 South Elmwood will double the size of its current medical facility, and

Buffalo Business Report - Monday, July 13th 2015

When is $100 not really $100?  When the Tax Foundation calculates the purchasing power of a C-note for the same goods in each state.  Using price data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis - and a shopping list for the same items in all states, that $100 bill will only buy $86.73 worth of goods in New York.  Hawaii and the District of Colombia were the only