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Monday Musings


Shaking my head over the hagiographical narrative forming over Trayvon Martin, and the very selective elevation of some homicide victims over others.

As to the Martin-Zimmerman case, at this point it appears that an eyewitness as well as the physical evidence supports Zimmerman's claim that he acted in self-defense.

As I read this article, this account indicates that it was Trayvon who escalated the situation as Zimmerman was walking away.

If Trayvon chose to re-engage as Zimmerman was retreating, decked Zimmerman and tried beating his brains out then George Zimmerman is not a murderer, but someone who acted in self-defense as I understand Florida law.

Since this started, I have told you that my opinion is always subject to change as additional information filters through.

By the way, there are other photos of Zimmerman online; as there are of Trayvon.

There are also false Trayvon pics allegedly circulating, so beware.

As the furor grows faster than real facts are released or known, the racist reactions of some in the black community are exceedingly disturbing.

For example, "The Smoking Gun" featured an article on an "unfortunate" T-Shirt.

Excuuuuuuuse me? "UNFORTUNATE?"



We are also seeing the New Black Panther Party calling for militias, and offering a bounty on George Zimmerman.

I can only imagine the heat a conservative president would be feeling if a white power group offered a bounty on a black man or hispanic man involved in a situation like this.

We'd hear hourly updates on the silence from The White House, especially if W was president.

Where is President Obama? Why has he done nothing to calm the situation? Why is he not using his unique position as the first half black-half white president to appeal to the better angels of our nature?

Could it be that the president and the left see the Martin case as a key to voter passion and turnout?

I'd like to think that isn't the case, but where is the Justice Department and its FBI in protecting George Zimmerman's civil rights or watching a group calling for militias?

Do the facts matter anymore in the Zimmerman case? What if he is 100% exculpated?

There is another angle to this story, about which I am hearing more and more.


Why does Trayvon Martin matter more than other victims, whether black or white?

Are you aware of another interracial murder that happened a long way from Florida?

An elderly white couple was torn apart after a lifetime together, allegedly by a young black thug.

Where is Jesse?

Where is Al?

Where is President Obama? Don't these folks look like his grandparents?

I always have been, and always will be against the double-standard in reporting on some crimes while others are unmentionable because the victims are not popularly politically correct.

And you can check crime stats as easily as I, but the single greatest threat to the safety of young black men is not George Zimmerman or the KKK, but other young black men.

To ignore that reality while looking through the wrong end of the telescope at Sanford, Florida does no good.


Cover your sensitive veg with an old sheet. Send photos of how you did it to



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03/26/2012 7:50PM
Monday Musings
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03/27/2012 9:13AM
Florida FOX affiliate sat on facts
Check out this article from Dallas about the local (FL) FOX affiliate's slow response to releasing the real facts.
03/27/2012 9:27AM
latest article
03/28/2012 4:00PM
This is 2012
Not 1956. You people still haven't gotten over civil rights accomplishments in the 1960s. Good thing the younger generation is smarter than you old, bitter, nasty, ignorant people. Your hoodies are white and you burn crosses.
03/28/2012 4:28PM
Silver lining
Something good will come from this -- with the right wing compelled to display their racism loudly for one and all to see, the American people (who by and large are far better than those that comprise the rabid right) are listening and will react appropriately. History will judge you folks accurately. PS keep Limbaugh on the air as he is the face of the GOP and hurts the brand.
03/28/2012 9:59PM
Murder in Florida?
I have been listening to the most one sided show that wben has ever aired. You might have just called this the Travon whatever show. I mourn for the loss of a young teenage boy, but I don't even know the whole story yet. This kind of ugliness is dividing the country in a very dangerous way. When OJ killed, sorry he was found innocent, there was a loud cry of do not rush to judgment. I guess that theory only goes one way. Today there are more colors in the US than at any other time in history. We have a theoretical melting pot that is overflowing with all types of people that think they are still in the country that they left for a better life. And for the most part they have it. But it is not really what they want. They want the US to assimilate to them. And as for the African American, white people did not bring them here as slaves! And even if they did, it was legal. Not right but legal. It has long since been illegal. No man should be a slave to another. But when you stop and think about it, aren't we all a slave to someone or something??????
03/29/2012 7:20AM
Who works for WBEN?
Does your station employ any African Americans or Hispanics? Certainly there must be some women working there. How do they cope with such an atmosphere of hostility directed at them based on their ethnicity or gender?
03/29/2012 7:48AM
03/29/2012 8:04AM
03/29/2012 5:21PM
Another Al and Jesse show
White racism is the opiate of the black masses.
03/30/2012 8:15AM
Racism and stupidity are linked.
Sorry Limbaugh fans but it's true. If you're a racist, you're a moron.
03/30/2012 8:59PM
Tom, Really?
Tom, did you not listen to the police telephone calls? Did you not listen to Zimmerman accuse Trayvon of looking 'suspicious', looking 'crazy, like on drugs or something'?, and told by police not to follow him? Did you not hear a young man crying for help in the back ground? From our ears, it sounded too young to be Zimmerman's, not to mention the screams for help suddenlty STOPPED after the shot was fired. Hmmmm, still not buying that Zimmerman was at fault? I bet you agree with Zimmermans views, and call people of color 'coons' too? How do you live with yourself, Tom?
04/01/2012 9:41AM
Right wing racists are morons AND cowards.
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