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Albany Cops Oppose NY SAFE!

Check this out!   Albany cops oppose NY SAFE.  It's worth reading!

04/17/2013 9:17AM
Albany Cops Oppose NY SAFE!
What do you think?
04/17/2013 9:50AM
Mr. Stephen J. Perna
I agree that the NY SAFE Act Law is unconstitutional and was pushed ahead too fast and should be repealed Now!!!
04/17/2013 10:12AM
This letter speaks clearly and loudly to gun owners and non-gun owners alike. We should focus on our rights. In the wake of Sandy Hook and this law, we are niavely hoping a maniac, willing to commit a Class A felony, will be diswayed by a lesser penalty. If concern is availability then change the laws to greater increase penalty for those who own guns and let them out of their control. As far as Sandy Hook, loosen the law to allow civilian authorities to have access should and when the one occurs. This law is preached to "minimize" the deaths in a case like Sandy Hook. Imagine a different result of two double-locked safe boxes containing pistols in the school with certified school staff trained to use them. If you had a principal willing to approach an armed gunman, she may have had compossure to handle a gun and take him out upon the violent entry. For those who oppose of the potential dangers, most schools are equipped with AED devices, which would cause fatal electrocution if misused, but yet we are comfortable with their existence to save lives. Justrying to think of ways to protect, its our right
04/17/2013 10:31AM
Mahr and other idiots
These clowns are simply defining the difference between smart and smart-a*s. Smart-a*s types could not have written the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Laugh at them....not with them
04/17/2013 10:35AM
'bout time
I, too, am not a big fan of most Unions, But in this case, I strongly commend them. I will be forwarding this letter to local and County law enforcement, asking them to chime in. Dale - Lyndon, NY
04/17/2013 10:42AM
Mr. James Fletcher
Thankyou for your decision to back the constitution and the peoples rights. Our Governor is acting like a dictator raming through this ill conceived law
04/17/2013 11:01AM
Gun laws protect the criminals
Politicians always take the easy path. Instead of enforcing the laws on the books they always come after the legal gun owners. Wake up politicians...we have a mental health crisis in this country not a problem with licensed gun owners.
04/17/2013 11:16AM
Great release
Hon? Gov Cuomo's and Dictatorial cronies wall should be taken down ..before we lose our Constitutional rights not only for our children, but also our children's children..Also take ahard look at what 's going on with Agenda21 and new education brainwashing
04/17/2013 11:16AM
Right on
This is exactly what the liberal fools in Albany and NYC need to hear.
04/17/2013 12:06PM
Cuomo words
What was it that Andy called those people that disagreed with the "SAFE ACT"? Oh yeah. "EXTREMISTS" Joe
04/17/2013 12:18PM
I think NY got it right for once.
After hearing about Bloomberg trying to destroy NY over and over again with his super socialist agenda and high taxes, it's GREAT to hear this. Can't believe I'm saying this but....GOOD JOB NY!
04/17/2013 12:37PM
True courage
I want to thank and commend the law enforcement professionals serving Albany for their courage and integrity. I'm sure that Mr. Cuomo will do everything in his power to punish these officers. My God bless and protect them.
04/17/2013 12:56PM
new laws
They should make a law that states if you use a gun in a crime you go to jail for murder and if you shoot some one the criminal should have the choose how he is put to death
04/17/2013 1:13PM
Adolf Cuoma, needs to be removed from office.
TO DISARM A MAN IS THE MOST EFFECTUAL WAY TO ENSLAVE HIM!! This ia not Cuba, Iran or China, this the United States of America,home of the FREE and the BRAVE.
04/17/2013 1:30PM
Tell it like it is
Hats of to Albany police.If any of you would run for office you would get my vote!!!
04/17/2013 1:38PM
I think cops/ peace officers are getting screwed
I'm a peace officer for a community college and I carry at work and we all carry illegal according to the new 7 round law. Also a veteran just returned on jan and I applied for a permit will I be denied quiet possible even though I took all the state requirements from my local academy and qualified.
04/17/2013 2:34PM
as a former residntof NY i think what the state legislature has done to the people of the state is ludacristand needs to be repealed i moved to Texa many years ago andbecame a deputy sheriff and i promise ya'all that this law is nothing more than away to disarm law abiding citizens of this country i also commend the albany police union for standing up for the public good luck
04/17/2013 4:05PM
Lyndon Vol.Firefighter
I agree with Dale-Lyndon too much government--not enough common sence. Our forefahers are turning around in their graves.
04/17/2013 4:08PM
pistol permit holder
i agree 100% with the albany police officers
04/17/2013 4:46PM
Veteran/small business owner/politican
I can not say enough good things about the Albany Police Officers Union. I know it took alot of thought before this letter was written, because that is politics. I am proud of their stand against the SAFE act. I totally agree, along with many many others, that the actions of the politians who pushed this thru, had nothing what so ever to do with safety and that my friends is the problem we are having in this country. We need to fight hard to get this act repealed and vote the persons responsible, out of office and get involved in your local politics.
04/17/2013 7:31PM
Less Government
I would personally like to thank the Albany Police Officers Union for supporting the Constitution and the Citizens of New York. While some politicians choose to ignore our rights the Albany Police Union and it membership did not. I am grateful, thank you.
04/17/2013 8:26PM
I will have your back
I can say this to any cop that comes out and stands by us in this hour of need. When and if the poop hits I will have your back a i did as a military member and will again. For those who do not support that which they have sworn to up hold though they know it is illegal, you are on your own.
04/17/2013 8:49PM
powerfull statement
This letter says it all. This law must be repealed in its entirety and Mr. Cuomo should seriously consider resigning his position. He is not upholding the US Constitution as he has pledged, but in fact he is violating the constition by pushing thru NYSAFE. Mr. Cuomo, your chances for the presidency in 2014 are over!!! Pete, Strykersville, NY
04/17/2013 9:39PM
Power to the Union
I am mystified, but enthraled. One more vote to the Union!
04/19/2013 9:38PM
new government for NY
HOORAY for APOU great letter THANKS!!!! New Yorkers think long and hard about who put back in those politcal seats!!!!Ray North Tonawanda NY
04/20/2013 4:47PM
The Constitution??
Weren't you the one who opposed the "ground zero" (it wasn't) "mosque" (it wasn't) in full defiance of the First Amendment? How then do you have any credibility whatsoever?
04/20/2013 7:29PM
Standing Tall
Hats off to the Albany police officers! As a female gun owner, I will stand with you.
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