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The Tom Bauerle Show

The Documents Please?

As I've promised on the air for several days, here are the gun documents.
1. Notice from Sgt. Sherman of NYSP to Erie County Clerk 3/29/13 with David Lewis' name and info.

2. Letter from NYSP 3/29/13 notification to Erie County

3. David Lewis Permit application (NEEDS RESCAN, sorry)

4. Transcript of voice mail NYSP to Erie County Clerk's Office, backtracking.

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04/26/2013 10:04AM
The Documents Please?
What do you think?
04/26/2013 10:18AM
Cuomo should resign!!!!
Keep it up Tom! Let's show the state we will not comply with Dictators and those Hell-bent on reducing our liberties one inch at a time!!!
04/26/2013 10:32AM
The Cuomo Gestapo’s wording regarding identifying him as likely “at risk to himself and others” based on the taking of certain medication….this wording forced Jacobs to rescind and initiate confiscation – he would place Erie County at risk by doing otherwise and the Cuomo Gestapo knew that. This basis for confiscation would revoke the 2nd rights for tens of thousands in NY and a major number of past and present returning military who fought for freedom would lose their rights and would be embarrassed and humiliated by a Gestapo that has no qualifications to pass such judgment.
04/26/2013 10:42AM
Was the the permit app sent from the NYSP to Erie County or Did Erie county just include it in the documents released?
04/26/2013 11:31AM
That's It?
This is the Stop The Presses stuff we've been led to believe might curve our spines and lose the war for the Allies?Sheesh,after all the buildup,I expected a little more flash/bang......
04/26/2013 11:55AM
I think you should block out his social security #!
04/26/2013 12:54PM
What If???
Tom, What if ? What if? What if.... Maybe this was really done by the state police knowing that someone like a Talk show host with strong convictions would bring this to light. Maybe law enforcement is using this to strike back at the House of Cuomo. Push hard enough and Humpty Dumpty will Fall. NYSAFE ---Joke-Joke....Oh yes Cuomo Joke Joke.....
04/26/2013 6:19PM
No smoking gun
This just indicates an administrative SNAFU. Some clinician makes a NYSAFE report (and violates HIPAA, hope lewis goes after clinician). It gets passed to state. State runs name against pistol database and gets multiple matches. State provides pistol database match (not clinician report) to county. County revokes since it has no way of verifying identity from original clinicians report. This is just consequence of no one thinking about operationalizing the law. Yes, the law should be repealed but this is just keystone cops material, not intelligent gun-grab intent.
04/26/2013 8:02PM
The morning zoo guy that cried wolf
Coumo sucks, but after all the build up this is all you got ?
04/29/2013 11:59PM
Tom, Listening to you and the atty for Mr. Lewis on the air it seemed the State Police was lying about their part in this. We were told these documents would prove this. After reading the documents it seems that it is you, Erie County and Mr. Lewis's atty who were misleading. The documents clearly indicate that a mental health professional made this report and it was not the State Police going through people's medical records. No mention of prescriptions is made as I heard mentioned on air. In fact they clearly state no diagnosis or medical information is provided in the repot to the state. The documents only state that a report was made by a mental health professional, not the state police, that a subject matching the description of Mr. Lewis is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to himself or others. It then goes on to say the information is being forwarded to Erie County so they may make a determination. The state police did not make the determination. I am firmly against the law. Mr. Lewis was wronged. But I thought, based on conversations I heard on the air, that you had evidence of serious intentional wrong doing on the part of the state police. Instead it appears the county failed to investigate as the documents directed them to do. Obviously the state, either the state police or DCJS, did not do a thorough job either. According to the documents the County Director of Community Services is required to supply New York State DCJS with the name, date of birth,race,gender, and social security number of the subject in question. That would mean the state should know which county the report came from. So they should not have gotten the wrong person. Also, if the report did contain the social security number as the documents say it should, the state should not have gotten the wrong person. If it did not contain the social security number it should have been returned to the originating county to be completed correctly. I agree with you that the law violates the 2nd Amendment. I do not believe we should mislead the public to further the our cause.
05/01/2013 9:29AM
Looks like an anti-gun loophole has been found..
So some believe that if any "medical" or "mental health professional" reports me that I will lose my right to possess a firearm...Looks like a huge loophole for Govt. Just think of he ramifications under Obamacare. Then we will have "health coaches," literally with no medical training except how to turn the page on a notebook or refresh a computer screen. Will the Cuomo administration determine that they are "medical professionals?". My physician said he will report anyone who he knows possesses a pistol! He is an ardent anti- gun person, even though he admits he has never treated a gunshot victim nor had a patient hat harmed himself/herself with a firearm.
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