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04/30/2013 8:41AM
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05/01/2013 9:16AM
Wait till more NY State police officers find out ....
Wait till more NY State police officers realize that ALL of the provisions of the SAFE Act apply to them when they retire. They too will have to register everything or move..just like the rest of us.
10/03/2013 7:58AM
Opt out
I opted out of listening to your show years ago. I didn't know I had to fill out a form. Thanks for the info, I'll get it back to you ASAP. I've got a feeling a lot of former WBEN listeners will be opting out now that they know there's a simple form to fill out. P.S. - will the station actually be eliminated from my radio?
10/23/2013 6:44PM
Dressing for the occasion
One can dress any way they want but however you dress you represent your social class. I learned how to dress when i was stationed at Quantico Virginia while in the marines. We were not allowed off base unless we were dressed accordingly. A shirt with acollar, no open toed shoe, and must have socks on your feet, no cut offs. If you did not comply you were not given a pass or the guards at the gate would stop you.
11/06/2013 12:45AM
Alot of TBs dislike of law enforcement stems from his former want to be in the "fraternity". Unfortuntely, at the time, the police academy required boxing as a requirement and after Tommy decided to lace em up and get in the ring, he ate alot of punches and almost teared up(I was there). After realizing he couldnt hang w/ real men and women, Tommy Boy resigned as a cadet thereby preventing alot of grief for thos in the LEO community. Attempt to bring this up on air and youll be dumped quicker than someone trying to crowbar Sandy Beach's real name into a conversation(Donald Pesola What people need to do is start calling all these advertisers who convince the management at Entercom that TB i wort keepin around. They knowingly kept a PD(Dave Universal)at their FM powerhouse even though he was deeply involved in payola!
12/20/2013 12:54PM
opt out
oh happy day...can one opt out of wben? nothing of value on the station after 9am each day
01/06/2014 5:10PM
double entendre
Tom, I like your topics when you are actually doing a show. recentley its just been rants and endless double entendre. Your starting to sound like a creepy old Uncle. get back to the meat.
01/07/2014 5:48AM
watch your language please Tom
see above
01/07/2014 9:33PM
I wonder why...
Why do teabaggers and republicans hate America?
01/10/2014 4:21PM
In Response to double entendre and the Listening Public
Regarding getting back to the meat of the issues. There is no “there” there. That’s why the talk radio hosts have nothing important to say. Most people don’t know or care that there is a concentration of media sources in this country and that is a major reason for un-informed and misinformed voters. Clear Channel, Entercom, Cumulus, Infinity Broadcasting and about six other companies control 90% of what your hear and they are massive corporations with the money to push a Conservative agenda for their right-wing political friends. Television is no different with Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes controlling pretty much everything you see, unless your smart enough to start searching for alternative sources of credible media. Is it any wonder guys like TB and Sandy Beach can rant about current topics and issues without giving much proof or fact, other than the proof they and the Station management want you to hear. These guys are amateurs; they seem to know very little about the TRUTH and either don’t care or are paid to sound like idiots. If it’s meaty issues your looking for, get out of local radio, cause it just ain’t there, my Friend. The newest form of truth is coming from the Internet, podcasts and streaming news. This is where you will find real news, hosted by real talk show hosts who vet their stories, provide actual quotes from speakers and don’t get their information from FOX or anything close to a conservative or right leaning news source. If it’s the truth and the meat in news your after, fire up the computer and go to http://chicagosprogressivetalk.com/
01/12/2014 7:32AM
Someone with courage to stand up for whats right.
Tom Keep up the good work....
01/12/2014 3:59PM
Opt out of..........sanity?
Great article in today's Buffalo News about Tom and the "issues with surveillance" that he's apparently having. I say apparently because Tom is in the business of needing, craving and requiring attention. The more that his name is mentioned, the more attention it brings to him, Entercom, Sandy and those under the complex on Corporate Parkway. I hope all that listen, agree or not, take the article as well as the content that airs after 9 AM Monday - Friday with the grain of salt that it is intended to be taken with. The crazier the opinion (by the way... doesn't matter right or left, both do it on radio and TV), the more attention and lip-service that all of these members of the "media" get. Tom, if you truly are claiming that there are men / women (not likely)/ minions in the neighborhood, let alone in your backyard, all the while masquerading as trees and, interestingly enough, never leaving footprints in a snow-covered lawn, and you actually believe their existence, then please get the help you need. Please, however, don't make this another crying wolf scenario that you've based a long career on. Good luck.
01/16/2014 1:50AM
Pooped the Bed
Don't let the Screws get your high cap mags too - filled w/ greater than 7 rounds of course!
01/17/2014 4:49PM
Bring Sandy Back
Have to turn Bauerle (Mister "I") off after 5 minute. There has to be something better.
01/27/2014 12:12PM
Move On~~~~~
Tom, I usually love your shows, even at times that I disagree I continue to listen, but lately you need to just move on from the past. What happened or what was reported in the paper is old news, move on to more exciting issues. It feels like you're groveling for attention now and my listening days with you are dwindling very quickly!
02/05/2014 4:02PM
Please Stop
Why must you degrade the Governor and President Obama on every show? You may not have voted for them. Obviously a lot of people did. Show respect to the office. You have actually used the word "hate" in reference to them. I would think the owners of WBEN would not condone the use of those words. Your sponsors should know it is not flattering to sponsor you.
02/06/2014 1:13PM
opted out
I opted out of listening to your show years ago
04/13/2014 12:23PM
If I only knew then......
When I lived in Buffalo I usually listened to WBEN and thought SB & TB were very good,then I moved. After listening to Jeff Kuhner at WRKO out of Boston the aforementioned now sound like amateurs. I didn't know I was starving for intellectual discussion until the plate was put in front of me. Thank goodness WBEN has Rush and now Savage.
04/13/2014 12:28PM
If I only knew then......
I do commend TB on his stand against the NYS Safe (Communist)Act, but ghost shows when the world is going to HELL...BLAH! How much watering down can a person take?
04/14/2014 9:05AM
In response to "in response to"
"The newest form of truth is coming from the Internet..." wow...
04/29/2014 2:03PM
How did I miss a ghost show?
Why do I have the feeling that the same person has made most of the comments on here?
05/28/2014 11:43PM
If I only knew then.....
Congrats to Tom for making it to the Top 100 in "Talker" magazine. Anywho, with the platform he has why doesn't he do more??? My fav Jeff Kuhner,WRKO in Boston has set that place on fire and he's only been there for a year. Just a hint, listen to him. He's definitely courageous.
08/26/2014 5:33PM
Tom, a few days ago you ran the speech that I guy was talking about dealing with police and he had
and it had some good points in it . could you send me that speech. thank you. julieperry34@yahoo.ca
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