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Kevin Kuchta

Kevin returned back to WBEN as weekend news anchor and reporter in 2007 after 16 years away from the industry. He successfully runs his own hospitality marketing company on a full time basis but still finds time to work at WBEN as part of Buffalo's Weekend News with Hank Nevins every Saturday morning.

Kevin is a Buffalo native, and like many of our staff, graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in Journalism & Broadcasting. Kevin is an avid sports fan, and is involved in coaching a number of youth sports activities. A "current events" fanatic, Kevin enjoys knowing all things about current pop culture and media and can frequently be seen scouring the internet for the latest information to amaze his friends and family with.

On a personal note, Kevin is a Western New York native. He resides in Tonawanda with his wife Robyn and two children, Katie and Christopher.

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