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Trump On WBEN: Considers Joining A Buffalo Bills Buyer

"People have actually talked to me about the Bills."
- Donald Trump

(WBEN) In an interview before his speech to an Albany gun rights rally today, Donald Trump tells WBEN he doesn't think a draft  movement will get him to re-consider a governor's race, he will eye a 2016 White House bid, and has been asked to consider becoming part of a Bills ownership group.  

"I heard about it last week. A group of people called me and asked 'would I be interested in investing', and I'll take a look at it," Trump said of Buffalo's NFL team, which will eventually have to be sold in the wake of owner Ralph Wilson's death last week at age 95.

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Looking at A White House Bid in 2016?: 
"I will be looking at it. I won't be looking at it until after the November election. the November elections are going to be very critical for the country and for Republicans. Republicans, because of Obama care and that catastrophe, actually have a good chance of taking over the Senate. I think they will take over the Senate."

On Carl Paladino's effort to draft him back into the NY Governor's race:
"I'm honored by it in a sense, but I don't think it is going to happen,"

On The NYS Safe Act:
 We know that when you have to start registering (guns) and all those other things, that's the beginning of the end. And very importantly, the bad guys aren't giving up their guns"
Trump, a billionaire real estate developer who had been courted for a possible run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo,  tells WBEN's John Zach & Susan Rose that he has great friendship with Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and Kelly's family is staying in a Trump apartment while in NYC for cancer treatment:

In recent years Kelly had spoken of his interest in someday being part of an ownership group that would buy the team after Wilson's death. Since then however  Kelly  underwent surgery in Buffalo last June to remove a squamous cell carcinoma from his upper jaw,  and is currently being treated with chemotherapy and radiation at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City after a recurrence in one of his sinus cavities.

"He's going through a very tough time and we wish him the best." Trump said. "...  I spoke to him two days ago, he called me.. he's going through a very tough time, and he sounded actually really good."

Trump called Kelly a close friend and said  were it not for "a field goal here and there"  Kelly would have had more than one Super Bowl win.

Trump did not identify who had approached him for possible financing of a team purchase, but spoke about it and Kelly often in the wide ranging interview. 

"I know so many people in Buffalo and they have asked me about (ownership) and I certainly will look at that... it's something that I think is really vital to the area."  Trump said, before adding that " It's a storied franchise" and " If it were me I would keep the team in Buffalo" .

The team is now owned and operated by a trust set up upon Wilson's death last week.  


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